Price information

At present time, there is a high demand for most raw materials around the world. Continued disruptions in the supply chains and the imbalance between supply and demand mean that the market continues to be extremely turbulent. This has meant large price increases from most of our suppliers. Everything from 15-135%. Shipping prices have also increased significantly since last year.

We work day by day, hour by hour and do everything in our power to, No. 1 secure deliveries to our joint projects based on agreed times and No. 2 try to battle surging prices. Looking back over the past five years, our price adjustments have been extremely modest, almost non-existent. This is no longer sustainable. This means that we will unfortunately with immediate effect have to adjust our prices for materials and continuously review the pricing, with weekly adjustment until we see a more stable market situation.

We would like to draw your attention to double checking the validity date on quotes from us, if the quotation date is no longer valid, please contact us for an update. Is there anything we can help you with or if you have questions about your material supply / pricing, do not hesitate to talk to your sales / project contact with us.


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