City Gross – creating contrasts with light and space


Värmdö/Hässleholm, Sweden

October 2016

Martin Stojanovski

Family-run Bergendahls Food owns and operates City Gross, Sweden’s fourth largest and fastest growing grocery chain. Besides providing affordable groceries and the widest range in the industry, a key to its success is its championing and prominent display of certified Swedish meat.

In 2016 Bergendahls Food launched its new concept for City Gross. The goal – making supermarkets that appeal to shoppers by offering groceries of high quality, a good selection of fresh produce, and being easy to navigate. The first stores to use this concept are in Hässleholm and Värmdö.

In much of the store we installed Flexiline – one of our standard ceiling types, popular in supermarkets. Flexiline helps guide and direct shoppers, highlighting new products and deals.

Flexiline gets its namesake from the design – slots along the sides and bottom of the channel allow for easy installation and adjustment of luminaires, fixtures and signage. This helps staff to keep up with the day-to-day changes necessary in a busy supermarket.

The ambience is meant to shift as people move through the store, matching the different departments with the desired mind state and, ultimately, behaviour. All aspects need to be considered to achieve this.

Fresh produce is presented in a more intimate setting, while packaged foods are displayed in a more spacious manner indicating the range and choice available. Making departments distinctive this way makes navigating easier.

At the checkout, a sloped ceiling was installed and lowered – the aim being to slow the pace by creating a sense of enclosure, and leave a relaxing last impression. To the untrained the ceiling here might look like wood, but is in fact laminated aluminium.

This same wood patterning is used elsewhere to accentuate key features, like deli counters – the idea being to bring nature indoors and give the store an airy, stylish and Scandinavian feel, as well as being a visual theme shared by all the spaces.

City Gross chose to use several lighting solutions. This variety in lighting helps to clearly distinguish spaces and their uses.

Tego spotlight PURE is used in several places, with the colour of the fixtures varying between grey and black in different departments. These are then matched with the appropriate LEDs to bring out the desired colours from the products.

Tego luminaire FLEXILED provides a good general light suitable for aisles, and with uniquely lensed optics also redirects light towards shelves, reducing energy wasted on illuminating out-of-reach surfaces – focusing the light on what matters. FLEXILED is compatible with Flexiline.

Perhaps most striking is Tego pendant FLOW with its custom-made yellow fixture in the cafeteria – tying together a cosy yet stylish space.

And finally, Tego downlight SENSE discreetly fills in the gaps, and can be seen recessed into acoustic ceilings and by the candy section.


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