Ica Maxi

ICA Maxi in Kristianstad, Sweden, aims to be the go-to place in town for locals, with a wide range of groceries and products like appliances, apparel, books, toys, media, health & beauty products, and more. It’s the second largest store of its kind in the region. Sited close to the community, it has a loyal customer base of regulars making frequent but small purchases, mixed in with the more occasional but heavy spenders often seen in supermarkets.




ICA Maxi Kristianstad offers customers a supermarket-style range, but can’t neglect its regulars making smaller purchases. Customers doing their week’s worth of shopping might not mind the delaying tactics supermarkets often employ – regulars, though, know exactly what they’re looking for, make only a few quick stops, and then head to the check-out. Ica Maxi Kristianstad stands apart from similar stores because of its layout, which caters to its regulars. It’s straightforward, leaving the decision of detouring or not to visitors, not shrewd retail designers – bucking a very common trend.

If they raise their bleary eyes, they might notice the system ceiling Tego provided. Developed with retail in mind, it offers nearly limitless options for lighting, signage, product display and customer guidance. These are the main tools for making shopping a comfortable experience. The ceiling does this in a flexible manner, making it easy for staff to make any changes when needed. As an example, signage and light fittings can easily be moved and adjusted.

Improving the lighting was one major goal of the renovation, for the sake of customer guidance and product display. Ica also thought it vital to have a setup that could keep up with any future layout changes. Our solution was TEGO TA6 LED, a luminaire that is hooked between two channels in the ceiling grid. The store’s footprint of almost 4500 m² (48,400 sq ft) meant as many as 770 luminaires had to be installed during opening hours – a task made easier with quick connection power systems, making installation (and future adjustments) a simple job.

Having reached their goal, they now run a modern and inviting supermarket that shoppers of all stripes can navigate and enjoy.




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