Custom solutions

Our clients bring a vision, and our task
is to figure out how to bring it to life.

We’ve specialized in meeting our clients’ individual needs.
We do this by creating tailored, cost-effective solutions with eye-catching design.

Below you’ll find some visions we’ve brought to life.

Meeting rooms
Meeting rooms
Meeting rooms

Copper made striking

Customers’ expectations of the retail experience continue to grow. Mediocre spaces are quickly shunted aside by ones with personality, that offer something beyond the ordinary.

Golden Butterflies

At Hansa, careful details come together to create an aesthetically appealing ceiling that truly sets the space apart. A rectangle bisected by an angled line is a recurring visual motif, which is reflected in the ceiling solution we provided.

Slimmed-down LED lighting 

For the launch of Stadium’s new concept, Tego developed an LED luminaire with a unique and exceptionally slim design. It slots into power tracks with ease, lying flush with the drop ceiling.

Meeting rooms
Meeting rooms
Meeting rooms

Guiding LED panels

Clear customer guidance can lessen the frustration that can arise when in an intense retail experience, which Ullared undoubtedly is – especially so at the checkout.

Billowing clouds of fabric 

For the confectionery, the already colourful sweets were accentuated with a playful, cloud-shaped fabric ceiling, its colours shifting through the use of projectors.

Levitating Roundels

In the minimalist offices of a furniture retailer, there’s a solution that belies its utilitarian purpose with a strong sense of aesthetics.

Meeting rooms
Laserad ask

Meeting rooms with a hint of openness

Today, more and more companies use activity-based workplaces. Offices are tailored to the needs of the employees, and often there are few or no assigned workspaces.

Golden cubes

The cubes draw eyes with their plain yet alluring design – an effect only amplified by their reflections in the display windows.

Glazed ash

The ceiling appears to be made of glazed ash, but is actually a decorative panel ceiling of laminated aluminium. Using natural elements fits with the times, while at the same time creating a pleasant space.

Orientalisk mönsterplåt
Färgskiftande hemmakväll
Orientalisk mönsterplåt

Glowing circles

Making sure people enjoy spending time in your store is key. One way is to create spaces that surprise and delight. These fitting rooms have been accentuated with a spectacular ceiling.

Colour-shifting Plexiglass

When Hemmakväll decided to shift focus from renting out movies to selling the things people eat while watching them, a new store concept was needed – resulting in a ceiling unlike any other.

Oriental flavours

M.A.T. wanted their flagship store to offer unique culinary experiences, and although the style is consistent, distinctions and contrasts between different spaces was needed.

Personligt mönster
Känslan av ett växthustak

Personalised pattern

Like their merchandise, the ceiling we made for Åhléns City Stockholm is both inspiring and made with care. The pattern was designed by Koncept Stockholm – Tego made it real.

A greenhouse effect

M.A.T. took many bold approaches to the design of their supermarket – one being a unique ceiling, designed with Tego, for the fruits and vegetables department.


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