Sound and music act as an amplifier for the customer’s shopping experience in the store. With the right music you can promote sales and create a mood.

Tego offers sound systems, speakers and the installation you need to create a sound environment that reflects your brand and creates a pleasant sound environment. The choice of music and other sounds shows who you are, so choose the right music for your store. Also work consciously with music and sound in your commercial calendar for your store, for example use one kind of music for the spring collection and another to accentuate the autumn collection.

It is proven that putting different music and sounds in different parts of a store is effective. The choice of music should partly be based on the target group and partly on the section of the store, for example in the kids section you can have quiet lullabies or a little faster, playful rhythms.

The sound doesn’t always have to be music, for instance it can be nature sounds for example in an outdoor recreation store.

Switch up the music during the day. In the morning, we are usually more receptive to calm, comfortable music that helps the body and brain to start the day. During lunch the tempo of the music can beneficially be turned up and towards the afternoon unwind again, when the store is getting close to closing increase the tempo of the music to indicate that it is time to finish any purchases and leave the store.

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