Flexible functional retail ceilings

A retail ceiling is a functional ceiling, it is also the simplest and most flexible tool for changing and creating a feeling, atmosphere and experience in a store.

The possibilities with a functional retail ceiling

Which functional retail ceiling?

There are endless possibilities with a functional retail ceiling. Lighting, sound, customer guidance and communication is placed in the retail ceiling and can thereafter be moved and changed when needed or desired. This makes the retail ceiling extremely flexible and adaptable for example for various campaigns, seasons, or even a whole new store concept. In addition to highlighting products, creating atmospheres, and feeling in a store or space the retail ceiling can also hide less desirable installations.

By using infills you can create a dense or an open ceiling. Which one you choose depends on what kind of feeling you want in the room. The infill is chosen after what kind of feeling you want and function you need. For example, acoustic baffles are a great choice if you need a dense ceiling where the noise level needs to be lowered, like at checkout counters and store exits. Decorative nets are open infill and are suitable when you need a flexible infill. It is easy to place signs, prices, and leading the customer, works great in-store environments.


System ceilings such as this one function as flexible foundations for lighting & audio solutions for retail establishment of varying sizes - from smaller shops, mid-size specialist outlets to behemoth shopping malls.

Standard ceilings

Our standard product lines, ideal for carrying and conveying lighting, signage, and audio.

Custom solutions such as the one pictured here can differentiate your retail business from your competitors - we can provide turnkey solutions for lighting, signage and customer guidance.

Custom solutions

Our clients bring a vision, and our task is to realize it.

Infills are powerful tools when using system ceilings - the right type of infill can fundamentally alter how parts of your store are perceived. Do you use a high or a low ceiling height? Or an open or closed ceiling? Acoustic baffles? We'll guide you in your choice, to fit your store's specific needs and circumstances.


We offer a wide range, all with different benefits, effects and functions.

Retail accessories aren't to be underestimated - good signage and customer guidance can make the difference between a successful retail business and a failed one.


The tools you need to communicate deals and drive demand.

Ceilings for retail businesses of all sizes - supermarkets, shops, department stores, and more.


Flexible ceilings create dynamic and living spaces.

Lighting solutions for retailers - luminaires, spotlights, downlights, and much more.


Lighting can create a mood and direct your attention.

Audio solutions for retail businesses, including amps, speakers, and accessories.


Sound and music enhance experiences and create emotions.


The right methods for the desired outcome. Our knowledge is yours.


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