Flexible electrical systems with remarkable impact.

Our flexible electrical systems make it easy for you to change up your store’s identity and expression. They’re cost-effective and simplify work both during installation and on an everyday basis.

Installing ceilings and modern electrical systems for lighting in one go is a smart move. We’ll take care of the whole process leading up to the handover to a credentialed electrician.

Flexible connection systems are useful for retail establishments, be they boutiques or supermarkets, since they increase flexibility, speed up installation and lower costs.

Quick connection systems

Quick connection systems for power supply have many advantages compared to traditional wiring installations.

The ceiling we made for Hemmakväll's flagship store in Väla, Helsingborg - using a DMX-based lighting control system we provided, staff can program and schedule mood and effect lighting to suit the occasion or season.

Lighting control systems

Adjust and optimize your retail lighting to suit your needs and circumstances with the help of a lighting control system.

Power tracks, like these from STUCCHI, enable flexible arrangements and control systems for retail lighting, whether it's spotlights, downlights, or linear lighting.

A.A.G. Stucchi power tracks

3-phase power tracks make it easy to rearrange your lighting, and can also have appealing aesthetics.

Ceilings for retail businesses of all sizes - supermarkets, shops, department stores, and more.


Flexible ceilings create dynamic and living spaces.

Lighting solutions for retailers - luminaires, spotlights, downlights, and much more.


Lighting can create a mood and direct your attention.

Audio solutions for retail businesses, including amps, speakers, and accessories.


Sound and music enhance experiences and create emotions.


The right methods for the desired outcome. Our knowledge is yours.


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