Guiding LED panels

In the small, otherwise unassuming town of Ullared, there’s a store with more checkout aisles than anywhere else in Europe – a necessity to serve the millions of shoppers that pass through each year.


Clear customer guidance can lessen the frustration that can arise when in an intense retail experience, which Ullared undoubtedly is – especially so at the checkout. We provided a solution comprising large numbered LED panels, mounted on blue and yellow metal panels.

When a panel is lit up, the checkout aisle is open – and vice versa. This simple but clean solution helps clear up confusion and improve flow in the store, and goes well with the visual brand and style.

Huge numbers pass through each day, and the store works hard to ensure good customer flow.
The metal panels provide other kinds of useful information and guidance.
In 2016 alone, 4.8 million people passed through these 78 checkout aisles.

Behind the scenes – Tego installed the lighting as well as the metal panels. 


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