Make conscious choices

Support what you offer with the right architecture. The design of the room should interact with layout, shop fittings, communication, presentation and intended target group. It’s all about credibility, you need it 100%. Your store is an important part of your brand. What do you want to convey? Enhance the feeling with our panel ceiling.


Profile with the right color choice

Our panel ceiling is available in a range of standard colors and can be coated in any RAL color. In addition to these uni colors, there are several special metallic colors and chrome finishes possible through foiling. The complete range of panels, bearing profiles, and edging can be surface treated in one color for a uniform look.


Keep focus on the right things

The panel ceiling is an effective tool for hiding “ugly” installations above. As a visual break, it makes your customers more focused on your products, services and helps create spaces that you want to be in.


Standardize to be able to specialize

We define success by our ability to meet unique challenges, and desires. Define new products and systems and find ways to do more with less. From pre-engineered standards to innovative tailor-made systems. Tego helps you create flexible, sustainable and future-proof ceiling solutions.

Tego- plantagen Malmö


A Panel ceiling and the right knowledge gives you the opportunity to get more with less

We at Tego are aware of today’s acute climate problems and our own role in this. We are concerned about the next generations and therefore work on the basis of the three ‘R’s’ of the environment. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. New technology, our panel ceiling and the right knowledge give you the opportunity to get more with less. Replace traditional lighting with LEDs, place luminaires only where needed, change the light level according to activity and when the need changes, do not tear down everything. Change and replace parts.


Galvanized steel metal

Recycled material



Standard color White NCS 0500. Gloss 30-40. Other colors available on request.


Easy-care surface. Dust dry or clean with a slightly damp cloth and a mild soap solution.


Connected to wall, freely suspended

Dimensions, CC

Length 1500-3000mm
Height 25mm Bred 32mm
CC, Panel 150mm

Lenght 1500-3000mm
Height 35mm
Width 40mm

Other dimensions on request.

Fire rating

Class A1. Non-flammable material.

Potential equalization




Ceiling starting weight

4.9 kg/m2

Ceiling openness excl accessories