Plantagen is a Scandinavian retailer with focus on plants and outdoor environment. The company has over 1300 employees in 145 stores in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Plantagen was faced with a challenge consisting of an old and inefficient building. The chain’s products are colourful and full of life, and their old, traditional fluorescent lighting did not allow the products to come to their full right. Instead, it created a relatively flat impression. With changes in layout and categories, Plantagen looked at different solutions to increase flexibility, higher commercial level, and a more eco-friendly store.




A system ceiling was used to achieve efficient lighting. This enables positioning the luminaires where they are needed the most. The general light level is lower and has a navigating role. The focus is on the effect-lighting which allows the product to take center stage.

Tego’s lighting specialist focused on the products as a starting point and used lighting which highlights the colours and patterns of the products. White light with clear shadows was used to create drama and variation.

With new categorizing and store principles the importance of the lighting increases. Together it creates inspiring and commercial stores. The system ceiling provides increased flexibility and ensures that it will be easy to maintain and evolve the stores lighting plan.

System ceiling – The ceiling shouldn’t take over the feel and layout of a store. To achieve this, Tego designed a ceiling with smaller dimensions in brushed steel to fit in the store surroundings. LEDLine45 – An unpainted luminaire with a narrow white light creates a feeling of wanting to follow the light. Pure – A white light source that enhances the colour and texture of the products. Highlights and drama are created with a narrower beam angle. LED STRIP RGB Interchanging/Up-lights – With interchanging light, the entrance catches your eye and drives consumers into the store. With the RGB-function it is possible to enhance different seasons or events with colours.

“Tego is solution-orientated and met all our wishes. They are simply a supplier with a high focus that delivers good quality and ensures that its customers are satisfied!”

– Plantagen



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