LED-panel för butik och dagligvaruhandel.

The benefits of quick connection systems!

Quick connection systems for power supply have many advantages for stores using suspended ceilings compared with traditional wiring installations. Setup is faster, which obviously saves money. These systems also provide a lot of flexibility in terms of the placement of fixtures and spotlights. This flexibility is in demand in stores where changes to layout, inventory and demand are frequent.

Benefits include:

  • Up to 70 % reduction in installation time.
  • Costs reduced by up to 30 %
  • Prefabricated plug-in system.
  • Finished installation is flexible, and can be adapted to the store’s circumstances.
  • Complies with all relevant regulations for electrical installations.
  • Some environmental benefit, as cable stripping is greatly reduced.
  • The system can be connected and disconnected under load.


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