Woolworths Marrickville Metro has been refurbished and renewed with a  focus on customer experience and how the customers prefer to shop. With inspiration from all over the world, the store was designed with the local customer in mind to create this next generation grocery shopping experience. The result is a rustic yet future-proof design with a real community spirit.

Ett funktionstak fungerar oftast som bäst när slutanvändarna - kunderna - knappt tänker på dess närvaro. Belysning eller annat som stör märks direkt.
Ovanliga och häpnadsväckande varuexponeringar underlättas av flexibla belysning- och taklösningar. Ju mer kreativt desto bättre!

The store is now offering everything from a flame-roasted chicken, a cheese cave, a full production bakery including freshly-made artisan bread, a new and larger range of fruits and vegetables, in-store butchery and fish market or why not peruse the macro wholefood market aisle with over 200 certified organic lines.

Support for local producers is also a focus, and they are also committed to reducing their impact on the environment and operating their stores more sustainably. One of those steps towards that goal is to fit the store with LED lights to reduce power usage.

Det är viktigt att använda belysning med bra ljusegenskaper och färgåtergivning - återger man grönska fel, till exempel, så kan grönsaker eller växter se oaptitliga eller märkliga ut.
Växtriket varierar efter säsong - tänk på att ha flexibla butikslösningar i din affär för när förändringar kommer runt kröken.

Tego delivered a flexible retail ceiling in dark grey, 160-40 channel system with U-channels made for recessed power tracks. The design of the retail ceilings combined with the new possibilities to work with lighting and displays helped increase the visitor frequency and in-store sales.

Tego is proud of being a partner to Woolworths.

Ovanligt tydlig butikslayout - en fräsch look!


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