Skånes Auktionsverk

Is one of southern Sweden’s leading auctions houses and has delivered items to customers all over the world. In their new locations they wanted a nice functional ceiling that can be adapted to their different needs as an auction house as well as integrate their sound system. The customer wanted the ceiling to be flexible and easily adapted as their objects are often replaced. Good lighting that highlights the various objects and at the same time have the flexibility to be able to hang chandeliers and other luminaires anywhere in the room that are to be sold, with the possibility to light them.




A white System ceiling was chosen for the auction hall with integrated Stucchi power tracks, which makes it easy to move and adapt the lighting after the different objects on display. Display rails and display clips are used to hang various objects.

The ceiling has specially adapted corner pieces for their sound system with Boose speakers. To highlight the various objects in the best way possible the Tego Spotlight Basic was carefully selected with 930 Premium White 30° spread. ChannelLed 830 with 110° spread with a matte lens was chosen for the general light.

A suspended Stucchi power track was put in the entrance with Tego Spotlight Basic and Tego Trackline 3R. The System ceiling with integrated Stucchi power track was also put above the reception with the Tego Spotlight Basic.  The icing on the cake are the movable secondary channels with Tego Downlight Enjoy SLM with 940 color reproduction for studying new incoming objects.


“We are very pleased with the result, in addition to the great flexibility of the ceiling the feeling of the high ceiling was maintained but with a cozier feeling. Tego was recommended to us and we liked that Tego is a local business with its production in Landskrona

– Anna Rodman, Skånes Auktionsverk