Bra och tydlig skyltning underlättar både för butikspersonal och kunder.

Build a retail success –

we call it flexibility

In recent years, the life cycle of store concepts has shortened dramatically – and customer expectations of evolution, improvement and change are at an all-time high. Rearranging merchandise or restyling a window display isn’t going to cut it anymore. Meeting these new pressures requires stores that can change and adapt to keep pace. We call it flexibility.

Tego ceilings can be used in all sorts of spaces, at all scales – from low footprint boutiques to behemoth megastores.

Once you’ve decided on using a Tego suspended ceiling, the sky’s the limit. We can tailor all our products to your specific wishes and requirements, and deliver bespoke ceilings based on aesthetic or functional needs. To top it all off, installation is a breeze.

Once the drop ceiling is in place, lighting and accessories can be moved and adjusted by staff. This gives you the flexibility and precision needed to fine-tune store layout, improve customer flow, and position product displays.

Together, these features create exciting opportunities for continually renewing and refreshing retail environments, ready to tackle the ever-changing needs of consumers.


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