Catching their eye – the window display

The display window is the face of your business. In the brief span of time as people pass, you might catch their eye and impart something – perhaps just your brand, or even a desire to enter. But nowadays, attention is precious and fleeting – how to draw and keep it?

People notice change

For it to be noticed, the window should be as unpredictable and surprising as possible, always changing – offering passers something new to take in. Some brands take this to the point where each overhaul of their displays become events in their own right.
But it doesn’t have to be dramatic – smaller changes make a difference too. A new product shown, or old ones rearranged, or the subtlest hint of time passing – maybe even an empty window, perhaps a provocative way of conveying a brand identity.

“…but that’s a lot of work, right?”

Not always! In the past, professional display designers might’ve been used, but nowadays it’s easier than ever to help staff create an attractive shopfront and be creative. We often hear from our customers how easy and flexible it is to arrange or adjust signage and lighting once we’ve done our work. Read more about our products – perhaps you’ll be inspired too?

A hot tip!

Light is a powerful tool for creating a stand-out atmosphere and drawing attention. One good rule of thumb for mannequins is that the light should be at a 45-degree angle, a technique long used for stage-lighting. This creates good contrasts between light and shadow.


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