LED-armatur med slimmad design för butik och dagligvaruhandel.

Do the colours you use help – or hinder?

Ever noticed how big an impact colour has on where your attention goes? Skilled retailers work very deliberately with colour and hue to accentuate displays and influence behaviour. Colour is, of course, also an important part of a store’s brand.

Awareness of colour and how it affects us has increased, especially in industries that generate revenue by attracting visitors. Conference centers and hotels are good examples. The hospitality industry obviously has a stake in the well-being of its guests, and certainly doesn’t want your first visit to be your last.

Keeping things simple, you could say that there are two categories of colour in retail design: base and accent.

The base colour usually makes up 80 % of a store’s interior and mainly works to create a particular atmosphere. The accent colour takes up the remainder. Neutral colours work well as bases, while accents are often bolder and more daring.

What you as a retailer need to focus on are two things: do your customers feel comfortable in the store, and do the colours you use aid or get in the way of your products? Consider also if the colours fit the space, your products, and your brand identity.

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