Bra och tydlig ljud underlättar både för butikspersonal och kunder.

Do you ever stop to notice it – the music?

Do you ever stop notice it, in the noisy din of a busy store? Sometimes you might, mostly you don’t – but it’s always there: the music.

Tuning into the local radio station is a missed opportunity.  Fact is, your choice of music (and your overall soundscape) reveals something about you. Dare to show your personality. Make a statement with the right soundtrack.

A delicate strain by Schubert, ravishing Italian ballads à la Ramazzotti, or why not the latest hip-hop single taking the world by storm.

Different seasons, different music

Be deliberate when creating the soundtrack for your store – you know the yearly beats, highs and lows as well as any other retailer, so plan your music accordingly. Accentuate the spring fashions with different music than the autumn collection. A  “back to school” sale should be scored differently than a  “conquer the kitchen” promotion.

Distinct music for distinct areas

It’s clearly pays to make departments distinct from one another. The children’s department might use calm lullaby-style music or something more playful – depending on the age group. Bathroom products are often associated with water, waves, serenity, and harmony. Hiking gear or hunting equipment demands a different sort of music – or maybe just a lush soundscape of recorded nature sounds?

Mix it up as the day winds on

In the morning, people tend to be more receptive to calm, pleasant music that helps the body and mind get off to a great start. By lunchtime, however, it’s useful to up the tempo to something livelier to increase the pace in the store, and then gradually wind it down again during the afternoon. Towards the very end of the day, you might then crank it up again to subtly encourage your customers to hurry up and finish their shopping before closing time.


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