Get your light right!

We’ve years of experience in retail lighting – we know the day-to-day challenges of running stores and how to work with lighting to improve sales and customer satisfaction. Tego Lighting Service has your back – we’ll guide you through the process and provide service and repairs for all types of retail lighting.

Taking stock of your lighting

Tego Lighting Service will check and assess all fixtures and light sources, replace luminaires near end-of-life, clean and otherwise adjust fixtures.

We’ll do a thorough on-site assessment of your lighting needs, followed by a tailored service plan to give you a clear picture of what your maintenance will involve and the cost.

Our knowledge is yours

A key part of Tego Lighting Service – our technicians will teach your staff how to use and adjust light skilfully and effectively, ensuring that your store is well-lit even between our visits.

Once we’re done, your lighting will be more efficient and impactful, saving and earning you money – and helping to make your business more sustainable.

We know our stuff

We’ve spent more than 27 years making lighting equipment in Landskrona, Sweden, and we offer a 5-year warranty on all our luminaires. Technical excellence is important for lighting a store well – but the real key is our experience and know-how in putting it to use.


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