View of Scanian countryside near Landskrona, Sweden, home of Tego.

In-house manufacturing – a competitive advantage

At a time when many of our competitors are moving their production abroad to low-wage countries, Tego has made the conscious decision to keep our manufacturing in Sweden. Despite fluctuations in the global economy, we’ve always seen great benefits from having in-house production.

By having the entire process in one place – from product development to finalized solution – we benefit both our clients and our experts.

With manufacturing and design close by, we can continuously improve and monitor quality, and rapidly adapt to suit our clients’ needs. This allows reliable and precise delivery, an advantage in an industry that demands short lead times.

Lastly, it creates many opportunities for cross-pollination and sharing of ideas between all parts of the company, generating new insights, process improvements and developments.

Today, there’s many instances of corporations in Europe “inshoring” their manufacturing, having realized the benefits it can have. Tego can proudly say that we saw these benefits from the very start.


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