Know your product range, their strengths, their weaknesses - expose your knowledge to your customers.

Present your wares – three steps

If your store is to become a market leader, you need to know your entire product range and make use of its strengths. That’s when a competitive advantage is created. There’s a simple sequence to follow to be successful with presenting your retail offerings.

Do your homework! Learn everything you can about your customers, the products you sell, your suppliers, and your competitors.

Based on what you’ve found out, try to pair your customers’ needs with the opportunities offered by your merchandise and your retail premises.
The ideal product assortment display always starts with your customers’ needs, is limited by what you offer, and stands apart from the competition.

Time to get creative. Find visual solutions for your customers’ needs and support it with effective store guidance and signage.

– The way you present should inspire and make people think.
– Customers should easily find what they’re looking for.
– Us all the opportunities afforded by your product range and show its breadth and depth (price, functionality, and quality).

Last but not least – surveys show that customers that end up buying more than they planned are usually more satisfied.


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