Retail stories

Retail is our passion!

At Tego, we view retail as a series of encounters – those between consumers and products, and those between people. The things that affect or influence these is what interests us, and what’s driven our growth and development for nearly 30 years in retail.

Retailing has always been competitive. But today, stores and brands vie for the attention of customers with more options than ever before, and digital-only retailers are posing a serious challenge.

Try to set yourself apart from the competition. This doesn’t have to be difficult. High sales often stem from just a few good practices: managing your merchandise and your retail space.

  • Successful stores are tidy – avoid giving a cluttered impression by removing messy displays or items with visible wear.
  • Ask yourself which products are most important for your store. Merchandise that reinforces your brand should be highlighted. Suppose you’re a discount store – do the products you display reflect that?
  • Emphasize the new – visiting a store should ideally be eventful, but even minor novelties and changes can help shake up customer routines and convey that you’re up-to-date.
  • Encourage positive encounters between staff and customers – genuine friendliness can be a strong driver of repeat visits.
  • Work with your visuals, and especially lighting. Make use of it to guide and direct customers and influence their decision-making.

Does all this sound unachievable? Don’t know where to start? To get started, take a look at your competitors! It’s often easier to see the strengths and weaknesses of others than your own. Note their successes and their mistakes. Keep in mind that even minor things can give you an edge. Then head home and do your homework. Observe, learn, and apply.


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