Your store's employees might have hidden talents for styling merchandise! Unlock their potential with flexible lighting and product display solutions from Tego.

Using your staff as Visual Merchandisers

At Tego, we know that shoppers today expect to be inspired by the stores they visit.

Many of the largest retail brands today have full-time Visual Merchandisers that focus exclusively on understanding how and why customers react as they do. This understanding is then put into practice in the physical retail environment.

In the past, there might’ve been good reasons to have a team in charge of signage and displays. But, with the right tools and flexible solutions, regular staff can handle the creative and always ongoing work of reorganizing signage and product displays to fit the local circumstances  – in short, what matters most to the customer experience.

The staff must have a basic understanding of consumer behaviour and how people respond to colour, shape and perspective. The artistic leanings and interest for it are nearly always found among staff if you ask – and if you come up empty at first, we can help: we wrote a booklet about it!

The means to unlocking this creativity and enabling staff to reshuffle the space as needed is the tools and solutions we provide. Lighting, guidance, and other accessories should be easy to move around to keep up with events and seasons.

Today many retailers have realized this, and use flexible systems.

Our system ceilings function as foundations for lighting, audio and accessories that staff can easily move around themselves, to create a more dynamic retail space. If the wares you sell are equally easy to move around, creativity is the only limit on creative arrangements.

Tego spotlight PURE as hook-on, for Mio, a home furnishings and décor retailer.

Hook-on spotlights are attached to ceiling channels, and can be easily moved and aimed.  

A Tego suspension track is perfect for creative signage and merchandise displays.

Tracks designed with the ceiling in mind make it easy to hang up signage and lighter merchandise.

A Tego power track for Åhléns. Flexible track lighting is a big asset for the budding visual merchandiser!

Simple tools make it simple work for staff to make necessary changes.

Another usage case for the suspension track. Signage at Clas Ohlson.


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