Bra och tydlig skyltning underlättar både för butikspersonal och kunder.

Study: improved lighting = increased sales

That quality lighting results in increased sales is something we at Tego firmly believe – but is it true? Could lighting really make such a big difference? Well, we’ve now performed an experiment that indicates it really does.

The experiment was done in the store of one of our clients, a major grocery chain. We tracked the sales of specific products during two months of what we call “deliberate lighting,” and then compared with the preceding two months.

The products weren’t moved or rearranged in any way, and the lighting adjustments were made to just one brand in a product category. Competing brands of the same category were unaltered.

The only changes made to their displays were the addition of one or two spotlights, with care taken to ensure optimal use. The result – an increase in sales by 15 to 30 %. So lighting definitely matters.


  • Sales of a vitamin beverage (aisle-end display) increased by 15 %
  • Sales of a processed cheese product (aisle display) increased by 16 %
  • Sales of a brand of high-end organic food products (aisle display) went up by 17 %
  • Sales of marmalade (aisle display) increased by 25 %
  • Sales of dish brushes (heaped in dump bins) grew by 30 %


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