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Award-winning Swedish design that warms and comforts efficiently.

Roundline is a Swedish-made electric radiator that provides a smooth, even and efficient heat.

Its sleek appearance blends into most homes easily. Roundline has won a Swedish award for its soft gently design.

Design: Jerker Andersson

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Roundline Eco Våtrum

Roundline Eco Våtrum

Our new wetroom heater is finally here! With its small size the Eco Wetroom heater fits in most wet areas.



On January 1st 2018, all local space heaters manufactured for sale in the EU which use electricity, gas or liquid fuels must comply with a minimum efficiency standard, LOT20. The aim of this legislation is to remove inefficient technologies and reduce the energy used...

We welcome Sophie and Sandra to Tego!

We welcome Sophie and Sandra to Tego!

We´ve just reinforced our team with two new colleagues, Sophie Noresson Fjellsén and Sandra Lundgren. Both will work in the Finance and HR department. Sophie is our new Finance & HR Manager. She has a background in the IT- industry. Our new Finance and HR...

Our products

There’s a Roundline for every need.


The ideal choice for your main residence, or if you wish to wirelessly adjust the temperature.


This is the smallest wetroom heater on the market that has an electronic thermostat. 


This model lacks a thermostat, and is meant for use with wired control systems.

Our distributors.

They handle all sales of Roundline to private customers.

The technology behind Roundline.

Our radiators aren’t just of the best design, but also stand out from competitors, with cost-effective and efficient features.


The simplest and quickest way to warm up a room.


Electronic thermostats react quickly and maintain an even temperature.


Layout and size need to be considered to ensure it.


Roundline plus a receiver lets you remotely adjust the temperature.

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