Troubleshooting ROUNDLINE

Heater is not working

  • Control that there is power.
  • If the green LED lamp is lit, there is power, if not, control if any fuses have blown.
  • If the green LED lamp is lit, but the heater is not emitting heat, or the heater is constantly heating, indicates that the circuit board is broken. Claim the product.

Heater emits heat unevenly

  • Turn off the heater on the power switch and turn it back on again.
  • If a red light is lit, the daily program is activated.
  • Om inte denna funktion önskas, avaktivera den genom att hålla inne programknappen i minst 3 sek. Dioden kommer nu vid värmning att lysa grönt.
  • If this function is not desired, deactivate it by holding the program button for at least 3 The LED lamp will now light green when heated.
    LED lamp scheme
    Green light – No program is active; the LED lamp lights up when the heater heats.
    Red light – Program is active, and a lowering is currently activated, the LED lamp lights up when the heater heats.
    Orange light – Program is active but no lowering, the LED lamp lights up when the heater heats.


ROUNDLINE Control Unit is not working, not communicating with the heaters.

  • Control the ROUNDLINE Control Unit by pressing the bottom two buttons at the same time and keep them pressed for 3 seconds.
  • On all heaters that are connected to Control Unit, the LED lamp on the Rf plug will light up for 30sec, shown in the display.
  • Heaters that the LED lamp on the RF-plug will not light up are not connected. These heaters must be reprogrammed, see manual.


The green LED lamp on the RF plug on the heater flashes.

  • The heater has no contact with the Control Unit.
  • The heater continues to work according to the last program it received before communication was broken. Probably the batteries on the Control Unit are out, or the heater is outside the range of the Control Unit.
  • Replace batteries and try re-connecting the Control Unit and the RF plug. See instructions for use.


More information about ROUNDLINE at FAQ/Manuals.