General Terms and Conditions

TEGO System AB, hereinafter referred to as “TEGO”, has the following standard general terms and conditions.

In addition to what is not stipulated in TEGOS general terms and conditions, delivery regulations NL 17 apply to product deliveries and NLM 19 when installation is included within these countries; Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland. For all other countries ORGALIME S 2012 (Products) and/or ORGALIME SI 14 (Product including installation) is applied.


  • Offer validity is 30 days from offer date if nothing else is agreed.
  • Discrepancies from offer; If only a part of the quote is ordered or if any changes are applied that differentiate from the quote, TEGO reserves the right for renegotiation of the terms.
  • We reserve the right to regulate the prices, based on changes (+/-5%) on metal, aluminium, and other components.

Documents: drawings, specifications, Dialux calculations, concept proposals or the development of new products, designed or issued by TEGO, are the property of TEGO and may not be served to third parties, without TEGO’s written consent.


  • Delivery time is usually 3 weeks after the order is technically clarified.
  • Customer specific concepts/products can have a longer delivery time.
  • Stocked goods can be delivered faster depending on availability.
  • Confirmed delivery time refers to when the delivery leaves our factory in Landskrona.

In the case of delivery delays that depend on the customer, TEGO can be able to stock the delivery but only maximum three months. This is possible at a cost of 75SEK/m3/week.


  • FCA, free carrier from our factory.
    Incoterms 2020
  • TEGO will arrange delivery on behalf of the client, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Transport cost from Landskrona will be invoiced.


All packaging is included in our prices. Pallets will be invoiced separately.


  • Invoices should be paid within 30 days net from invoice date, after a standard credit check.
  • For payments made after due date, an interest of 12 % will be charged. Tego reservs the right to amend this if the invoice receiver is found to have a track record of slow payment.
  • Remarks or complaints must be made in writing prior to 8 days from the invoice date.


TEGO reserves the right to carry out a credit report/credit check in connection with and/or after submitting a quote, also during the term of the agreement. If the result of TEGOS’s credit report/credit check gives TEGO justified reason to question the customer’s ability to pay, TEGO has the right to request advance payment or alternatively that the customer provides acceptable security for its payment obligation. If the customer does not make an advance payment or provide security according to TEGOS’s request within the time specified by TEGO, TEGO has the right to cancel the agreement without any further obligations on TEGOS’s part, which shall not limit TEGOS’s possibilities for penalties and to demand payment


The goods remain TEGO’s property until full payment has been made.


All changes after an order is placed, can entail extra costs.


  • It is customers responsibility to immediately control delivered products and quantities.
  • In case of any discrepancies the customer should inform TEGO in writing and not later than 8 days from receiving the delivery.
  • For transport damages see topic “transport damages”.

For more information and to report a reclamation visit our website.


  • Our responsibility for indirect damage is limited to max. 10 % of the purchase price for the delivery containing the defective goods.
  • Warranties are valid from delivery date. For Lighting products produced by TEGO, the warranty is 5 years and for Electrical heaters 2 years. For products that are traded, we provide the same warranty as our suppliers.
  • The validity of the warranty period requires that TEGOS installation instructions and the use of the goods have been fully complied with. The validity of the warranty period requires that the goods are paid.

Complaint costs against TEGO related to troubleshooting, unapproved complaints and/or errors detected that are attributable to third parties will be disputed or invoiced to the customer. The same applies to errors related to incorrect or misleading drawings, instructions, or specifications from the customer.



Quality discrepancies that cannot be claimed;

  • Plastic components to the extent that they discolour and become fragile as part of the natural aging process.
  • Colour change of painted details as part of the natural aging process.
  • Colour/shade difference on unpainted metal parts on the same delivery/project.


  • Transport damage or material is missing against consignment note shall be recorded on consignment note upon receipt to be valid.
  • The carrier corroborates the listing with its name and signature and eventually car registration number.
  • Reporting of the damage or missing material is made immediately to the Transport company by the customer.
  • Damaged packaging and Consignment note must be kept for review of the damage claim.
  • In all cases TEGO should be informed in writing.
  • Transport damages which are not visible at reception can be reported to the Transport company as soon as possible, but not later than seven (7) days.


  • All returns must be approved by TEGO.
  • If return is made without approval, these returns will not be handled, and costs associated with the return will be charged to the customer.

Wrong product delivered or product with manufacturing defects, see section “Reclamations”.

Excess goods and packaging
In order to ensure the need for materials on the construction site, there is a certain percentage of over delivery of materials. Excess material and packaging are not returnable and non-refundable.

Repented buy or wrong order

  • Products included in TEGO’s stocked assortment can be returned only after TEGO’S approval. Lighting is never a stocked product.
  • After reception and control of the returned material, the customer will be credited the invoice amount with a 25% deduction.
  • Returned goods should be in original condition and in original packaging. If the returned item is damaged or is not in original condition, TEGO has the right to refuse the return and, if necessary, adjust the deduction percentage.
  • The transportation for the approved return will be arranged and paid for by the customer.

In the event of an agreement for return of unstocked products, TEGO reserves the right to unilaterally determine what percentage the deduction will be.


It’s the responsibility of the buyer to provide the following when purchasing the installation work from Tego System AB:

  • For larger projects, there should be at least 600 m2 of free connecting mounting space/day, unless otherwise is agreed.
  • The installation team need access to the installation area at least from 07:00 to 20:00 daily, also Saturday and Sunday included.
  • There must be 230V electrical outlets in the installation area.
  • A designated location for waste, in connection with the installation must be at TEGO’s disposal.
  • Electrical installations are not included.
  • Extra installation work will be charged on a continuous basis.
  • Interruptions in the installation work will be charged extra, if the standstill exceeds one hour and takes place due to other work being carried out in the installation area.
  • One installation trip is included.


Disputes arising from this agreement shall be finally settled by arbitration in accordance with the Rules for Simplified Arbitration for the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute. The seat of the arbitration procedure shall be Stockholm. The language of the procedure must be Swedish. Swedish law shall apply to the dispute.