Electronic thermostats save energy

Roundline uses the best available technology to regulate temperature, with a fast-acting electronic thermostat.

In contrast with older open or slow oil-based electric radiators, Roundline reacts and adapts quickly to changes in room temperature caused by anything from sunlight to a well-attended birthday party.

Roundline’s quick adjustments lead to energy savings and prevent excessive and uncomfortable temperatures.

This stability and comfort is a hallmark of Roundline.

These waste energy

Uneven temperature • Sluggish heating systems  Slow reactions to changes in temperature  Older open or oil-based radiators with bimetallic thermostats that heat up and cool down in slow cycles

These save energy

Even temperature in a room  Fast heating systems with high efficiency • Electronic thermostats that react quickly to changes and turn off  to avoid excessive room temperature Thermostats that work in short cycles and measure the temperature in a room

This is Roundline

Maintains an even temperature in the room.
Temperature stability ±0.1°C

Air is heated directly. No sluggishness.
High efficiency.

Uses an electronic thermostat that reacts
lightning-fast to bonus heat and turns off
completely at 0.5°C above the desired room temperature..

The electronic thermostat samples the
temperature every 40 seconds and adds
heat to the room only when needed.


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