Wireless control – simple and convenient!

Roundline Eco can be complemented with a small radio receiver that communicates with a discreet and stylish wall-mounted control unit (thermostat).

This wireless option for Roundline Eco works just as well in residences with an open floorplan as it does in rooms where you require extra comfort, such as a bedroom. With the press of a button you lower the temperature, a good night’s sleep ahead of you. After six hours the radiator returns to its standard setting, ensuring you’re warm and comfortable by the time you get up.

An airing feature prevents the radiator from straining needlessly when you’re opening a door or a window to let in fresh air. In other words, there’s many energy-saving features that add to the already efficient Roundline radiator.

The wall-mounted control unit can be placed anywhere within 10 meter of the radiator, and is entirely wireless. Naturally, several radiators can be controlled with just one unit.

Complete it with Reco Master

As a complement for the wall-mounted room thermostat there’s Reco Master, a central control unit. It can be connected directly with all radiators within 30 meters. Reco Master can also be combined with external equipment, such as a GSM-dialler or a timer – allowing, for example, automation and scheduling of temperature, or dialling a number to lower and raise it.


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